Year Round Temperature

Queensland is the lucky state when it comes to weather. We really cannot complain about the cold we get in Queensland compared with our Southern mates. It is, however, relative to what you are used to. Parts of Queensland, especially the south east corner, have a fair share of chilly weather.

Summer is Queensland’s obvious time to shine. This is where Queensland’s weather asserts itself as master of all who abide within her. The blistering heat of a Queensland summer can undo the sanity of many good men and is not to be taken lightly.

Professional air conditioner installation is the key to solve the riddle of how to avoid these long hot days and sticky uncomfortable nights. If you are canny enough to invest in a reverse cycle air conditioner, all the better to keep you warm in the winter and ahead of the pack.

Which Model and Where

The importance of choosing the right air conditioner and then placing it at the best possible site in a room is paramount to achieving the best results in heating and cooling your room. How do you know which model and where?

The answer is you don’t need to know as the specialists at MJG Air have been trained to map out a room and to design the best possible scenario for your comfort.

The experienced team at MJG Air are able to offer competitive pricing on the top brands. During their obligation free quote they will measure and devise a system that best suits your room and needs. Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Samsung, Temperzone and Fujitsu are at the top of the game when it comes to air conditioning.

Installation is a Breeze

Well it is for the professionals. With over 10 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry there isn’t a situation the MJG Air crew have not worked with. They really do make the job look easy but this is not work even an experienced handyman should take on himself.

Air Conditioners are no different from other large electrical appliances and they must be handled with care and knowledge. To ensure the integrity of your investment is maintained it is absolutely paramount to have a professional install and maintain your system. To install it yourself may void any warranty on the item.

When considering air conditioning consider only the best and let MJG Air guide you to supreme comfort.

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