Winter is Approaching

Time to get the winter woollies out of their mothballs and give them a good airing.

Time to get out all your warm snugly blankets to put on beds and keep in the lounge to cuddle under.

Time to blow out the cobwebs from the smoke alarm.

Time to start to gather kindling and chop wood for the fire.

What? No fire? Have you considered the cleaner and greener alternative of a reverse cycle air conditioner? Cleaner in that you do not need to store messy bits of kindling, paper or starters and certainly do not need to go out and chop wood for. No flue to keep clear either.

A greener environment

People are waking up to the desire for a greener environment and are appreciating that not all kindling and timber is sourced ethically. Some wood may be unknowingly contaminated with oils or chemicals that may leach into the air of a closed environment such as a living room.

If you live on your own private acreage you may have access to a great horde of wood but for most, it is a case of poaching it from the bush or roadside, possibly destroying a wildlife home, or paying for it.

The cost of a wood heater has increased and in some cases surpassed the cost of a reverse cycle air conditioner that has the bonus of being able to keep you cool in the summer as well. You can’t get a wood heater to do that!

If the idea of less work and stress during winter sounds like you, then give us a call at MJG Air to discuss an air conditioner installation.

Our technically trained staff members offer obligation free quotes and solutions to your cooling and heating problems.

We are able to assess a room, home or office and advise what air conditioner would best suit the job. Instead of being forced to be used as a feature, as a wood heater would, it can be placed subtly out of the way and allowed to do its job quietly.

Not only can we supply and install but we can also do affordable repairs or even manage the maintenance of the unit for you to keep it running at its optimal best, thus keeping electricity bills low.

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