What to Look for When Choosing a Residential Air Conditioning Contractor

One of the major investments you will ever make for your home is air conditioning (AC). With so many types and brands to choose from, purchasing an air conditioning unit can be complicated. You have to choose wisely because you will be living with and using the unit for a long time.

An ordinary homeowner is not expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of air conditioning systems. This lack of knowledge makes homeowners susceptible to being taken advantage of. AC suppliers and contractors may offer to sell you more capacity than your home requires. Here are some tips to help you choose the right air conditioning contractor.

Check Track Record

Choose a contractor who has been in businesses for a few years and who has earned a reputation for completing jobs successfully. A contractor for reliable air conditioning will inspect the space to be conditioned before making a recommendation on a brand or capacity of air conditioner. A high-quality contractor will also know where to install your air conditioner in an optimal position. Avoid contractors who provide you with an estimate over the phone without looking at the job that needs to be done.

A professional will present clients with a written bid or proposal outlining the unit to be installed, the work involved, and the price, including labour costs.


Be sure to check whether the contractor has the proper licence and certifications and belongs to the appropriate trade association. This will tell you that a contractor is legitimate.

Rely on Recommendations

Choose a contractor based on recommendations of friends and neighbours. It is usually not a good idea to select one after a chat with a telemarketer or because someone approached you to make a solicitation. Beware of mailings offering discounted prices.

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The company can perform both minor and major services for your residential air conditioning. AC units must be serviced regularly to protect your investment, reduce operating costs, minimise your carbon footprint and keep your unit generating clean and quality air throughout your home. The company’s maintenance agreements are flexible in that they can be tailored to suit the customer’s budget.