Top Restaurant Experience Includes Top Air Conditioning

When customers lay out a sizeable sum of money for a restaurant meal, they are paying for the whole experience. This includes of course, the food which must be fresh, delicious and beautifully presented, the beverages served with skill at the correct temperatures and the overall ambience of the premises itself. A fine restaurant prides itself in taking care of details like the table settings, décor, outlook from windows with a view, placement of furniture, general cleanliness and the professionalism of all the staff.

Most of the customers may not even be aware of the effort this takes to keep such high standards day after day. What they are aware of, however, is how they felt when they finally left. If they felt relaxed, comfortable and enjoyed their meal they will come back again, and recommend it to others.

Extremes of Heat and Cold in Restaurant Environment

Creating this type of experience relies on a whole list of things coming together perfectly and one of them is the ambient temperature throughout the restaurant. This is not easy to achieve considering the extremes of temperature that are being generated. There is the heat from the kitchen as meals are being prepared, refrigerators and freezers working to keep food from spoiling, ice makers and chilled drink fridges at the bar, and all the time doors being opened and closed from the outside.

This is why every restaurant needs a commercial air conditioning system to keep the temperatures at optimum levels 24/7 and there is no better company to provide such a system as MJG Air. These people are experts at supplying and installing commercial air conditioners with over ten years’ experience in the industry. Their clients include SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and large commercial operations.

Home Air Conditioners Not Suitable for Commercial Premises

One of the things they see often is a small restaurant where the proprietors have installed a large home air conditioning system in a mistaken belief that it will cost less than a commercial unit. The home unit struggles to maintain an even temperature, and customers complain about either being too hot or too cold. The electricity costs are higher because the unit is working too hard and, of course, this results in expensive breakdowns and repairs.

As one of the best commercial air conditioning suppliers, MJG Air can assess a restaurant premises and recommend the system that will be perfect for that particular situation. Domestic air conditioning units are unsuitable for commercial use, compromising reliability, performance and running costs. They also know that commercial installations must comply with the latest regulations set by the Australian Standards and Building Code.

To ensure that your business is fitted with the correct system and is in full compliance with regulations, visit for more details about the company and their services. Your customers will feel comfortable and as a result, enjoy their whole experience.