Tips for Using Air Conditioning in Summer

Summer can be difficult to tolerate and if you are living in Queensland, this may be the case for you. If you are among the many Queenslanders who turn on air conditioning during the summer season, then you are most likely also wary of the spike in the electric bill as a result of the needed comfort of cool air.

Turning on the air conditioner does not have to drain the wallet. There are actions that you can take to help keep the utility bill affordable even as you enjoy the comfort of air conditioning.

Choosing an Air Conditioner

Your first step to keeping the electric bill low is the purchase of an energy-efficient unit. No matter what energy saving tricks you do, if your air conditioning unit is not energy efficient, it will be a hopeless attempt. When choosing an air conditioner, make your choice depending on the energy efficiency ratio. The higher ratio means better efficiency of the machine, so you may want to favour such a model.

Temperature Control

Another helpful strategy is with the setting of the temperature. You may think that you need to set the thermostat low to get the comfort you need, but in fact, you can set it at 25 degrees Celsius and still be comfortable. The general rule is to set it not lower than 23 degrees Celsius during summer. During winter, it will be best for you to set the temperature not more than 21 degrees Celsius.


You should not make your air conditioner work too hard. It will be good to install effective insulating materials, particularly on the western walls of your home, to block out the afternoon sun. For the windows, install block-out blinds to minimise the heat coming from the sun.

Keep Unit Well Maintained

Your air conditioning unit will become more energy efficient if it is always well maintained. Check the filters and clean them regularly. Dust can accumulate on the filter of the unit and the dirt can impede efficient performance of your air conditioner. You should also check and ensure that there is no debris or rubbish in the outdoor unit.

You can follow instructions provided in the product manual on how to properly clean and maintain the good condition of the unit. If this is not something you wish to handle, you can contact a professional to conduct maintenance work. You can get excellent servicing from our highly capable technicians at MJG Air.

There are many techniques that can be used to enhance energy efficiency while using air conditioning. To achieve optimum energy efficiency, you can consult our experts at MJG Air. We will be happy to provide you with suggestions to further lower your electricity bill while keeping your home comfortably cool.