Expert Tips and Information

With 10 years’ experience in South East Queensland installing and servicing Brisbane air conditioning units, we know all the tricks to keep your system running smoothly and effectively. To submit your own question email or call us on 0409 871 801.

Cheat the heat or stop the chill without the bill

With a little preparation around the home or office you can stay comfortable without sacrificing savings:

• Give your unit a chance to work, not overwork. No lower than 23°c in summer and no higher than 21°c in winter.
• When summer gets sweltering start your air conditioner in the morning, keep the windows and door closed and blinds drawn and even use door snakes to trap the cool air in and keep the warm air out. This also works in reverse in winter, trapping the warmth inside (if you have reverse cycle).
• If you are only popping out for less than 2 hours leave your unit running.
• Check filters regularly to ensure they are clean- or get us to as part of your maintenance schedule.
• Make sure your outdoor unit is free from debris and rubbish- a serious hazard.

There is no substitute for expert advice so let us manage your installation and maintenance to keep life comfortable.

Answers to your common questions – for free!

Q. I need a low cost AC unit for summer but I can’t afford one after my winter heating bill! What do you recommend?

A: Reverse Cycle air conditioners are the most efficient way to cool you down in summer and keep you snug in winter. This wall mounted unit has twin functions conveniently operated by a remote to monitor and control conditions. Look for the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) on appliances to gauge what the operating costs will be.

Q. So what does EER mean and how do I use it?

A: The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating for cooling) and COP (Coefficient of performance for heating) measure the energy consumption rates of air conditioners. This is often represented as an arch of blue and red stars so you can easily compare between models. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit.

Q: I want to put an AC in the nursery but my friend said it can make you sick. Is this true?

A: There have been instances of poorly installed and maintained units developing bacteria but this is extremely rare. We offer a comprehensive, scheduled maintenance program to ensure your air is always fresh and clean with certainty.

Q: I don’t even understand how air conditioning works - why can’t I just leave the fridge door open?

A: You are more likely to warm the fridge than cool the house! A common misconception with air-conditioning is that it takes the outside air, cools it down and transfers it indoors. The reality is that the system actually takes the heat from inside and transfers it to the outdoors. The heat is removed by passing indoor air through a refrigerant coil in the indoor unit. This heat is then transferred via the refrigerant to the outdoor unit and expelled..