COMMERCIAL Air Conditioning Unit

The New Breed Gymnasium

Gone are the days of “sweating it out” at the gym before you even start your work out.

The old school gym types will tell you that putting air conditioning in a gym is a waste of time because if you aren’t sweating then you just aren’t working hard enough.

We know that the truth is that installing an air conditioner has many advantages if not more advantages than those of installing one in our home.

Just look at some of the advantages you gain when you install an MJG Air conditioning unit into your gym.

Comfort from Extreme Heat

Let’s face it, it would be nice to work out without having to worry about the heat. South East Queensland summers are long and hard.

We can break out into a sweat just sitting still outside without even lifting a little finger let alone a weight. Many of us can’t even consider the thought of participating in any form of aerobic exercise in the heat.

There is no doubt, once your body has warmed up you will still work up a sweat.

Air conditioning will bring your temperature down quicker as well which is a huge advantage in the heat.

Reducing Killer Humidity

Not only are South East Queensland summers long and hard but they are completely off the scale when it comes to humidity.

With the extra exertion gym participants expel there is all that extra moisture available to assist that cloying feeling. Not to mention the perfect environment for organisms to grow.

Air Conditioning – No Competition Against the Music

If you are not doing a choreographed class to music then you are entertaining yourself on the treadmill or in the gym to music.

There is nothing worse than having a fan compete with this with either squeaking or simple blade noise.

Air conditioners are silent and do their job without undue noise.

Better Air Quality

With all those people huffing and puffing there are bound to be germs and other nasties such as pollen, dust, bacteria, and even mites constantly being fluffed around into the air.

An MJG Air installed and serviced air conditioner offers purer air for you and your clients to breath.

Electricity Bill Comparison

In any large non air conditioned room it requires large fans to circulate a cooling breeze.

The cost of running these fans may prove to be as much if not more than the cost of running a decent air conditioner and you get all the other benefits we have already mentioned when installing a good quality air conditioner.