The Case for Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

There is no doubt that an air conditioning unit cooling down a room in the throes of a sweltering summer day is a welcome part of a home or business environment. In the home, the sheer relief of walking in from what feels like an oven, to a cool and welcoming environment is bliss. The effect is just the same in a commercial setting with the added bonus of increasing productivity, as staff working in a comfortable environment can get on with the job.

What happens in winter, then, when the need is not for cooling but warmth? Unfortunately, if the air conditioning unit is simply for cooling, there is no other recourse than to wear layers of warm clothing, or plug in some heaters. With energy costs continuing to rise, leaving heaters on for hours at a time is a very expensive way of trying to control the temperature.

What is Reverse Cycle?

MJG Air is an air conditioning and mechanical services provider that will install a reverse cycle air conditioning unit in your home or business. Reverse cycle is simply the term used for an air conditioning unit that supplies cool air in summer and warm air in winter. It is the most efficient way to control the extremes of temperature in summer and winter without breaking the bank.

There are a couple of things to look for when choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner. Firstly, it is wise to have an expert assess the size of the space the unit will be managing. Buying a unit that is too powerful for the space is just wasting money, and buying one that is underpowered will not maintain the recommended temperature levels. To run at maximum efficiency, it should be set at no lower than 23 degrees in summer and 21 degrees in winter.

Secondly, look at the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating), which is represented on the appliance as a band of red and blue stars in an arch design. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit. This knowledge allows the consumer to compare appliance ratings and choose one that will use less energy. MJG Air can help by assessing the needs of the customer and matching them to their budget.

Beware of False Economy

Installing a unit that just cools is false economy. The cost of the installation is comparable to that of installing a reverse cycle system, so there is little to be saved at this point. The cost of cooling will be similar with either system, but this still leaves heating in the winter months unaddressed. By using electric heaters, not only is there the extra cost of buying them, but this type of heating is quite expensive.

With a reverse cycle air conditioning unit installed, all that is required on those bleak winter days is to flick a switch and the unit will pump out warm air. There is no risk of a fire starting as a result of a heater being overturned onto curtains or other flammable materials. MJG Air’s air conditioning repair service can service the unit regularly to make sure the filters are clean and that there are no issues that will cause the unit to operate inefficiently.

As our climate continues to behave in unexpected ways, the need to have more control over the temperature of our internal environment will continue to grow. Approach the experts at MJR Air and get first-hand information for your unique needs. The services they offer and their contact details are at You will not be disappointed.