Summer is Knocking

Wow! Summer certainly is knocking and she is not waiting politely to be let in. The onset of this latest season has hit South East Queensland with a blast that indicates this summer is going to be a hottie.

If you are a long-time resident of the beautiful, sunny, south east corner of Queensland, you will be familiar with the warm hazy days and balmy nights. You will also be very well aware that Mother Nature can be very moody and will quickly turn from hazy and balmy to sweltering like the flicking of a switch.

Heater be gone! NOW is the time to contact MJG Air before we creep too much further into summer, to ensure your air conditioner is working at its optimum level.

Quality Repairs and Service

General maintenance such as cleaning filters should be carried out regularly to ensure maximum air flow, which is a fairly simple procedure.

The issue may be where to go should you find that even after conducting this simple exercise your air conditioner does not seem to be running at its prime.

Air Conditioners use a motor to produce warm or cold air. Just like the motor on your car, an air conditioner requires regular servicing.

Regular Servicing – Not Just to Ensure You are Kept Cool

The goal is to achieve comfort whether it is hot or cold.

Using the car engine metaphor again – if your car engine is not running properly, it will emit ozone-destroying gases that can also cause human health risks. A poorly serviced car will also use more fuel.

A poorly performing air conditioner is identical to this. A correctly “tuned” air conditioner will attract lower running costs, thus reducing your carbon footprint. You also reduce any health risks associated with air conditioning.

Qualified air conditioning repairs is at hand. Our professional team of skilled technicians at MJG Air are able to offer prompt service at competitive rates.

With our minor and major servicing, you get great solutions such as:

• Clean Filters;

• Electrical connections tightened;

• Ensure drains are running freely;

• Visual inspection of electronic boards and other components;

• Monitoring of refrigerant levels;

• Fan scroll cleaning; and

• Cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils.

With a service agreement, you can avoid any possible danger of losing the comfort of your air conditioner and the savings you will make will allow you to keep it running all year round.

Visit now to find out more and to arrange an obligation-free inspection and quote.