Modern Commercial Buildings must be kept Cool in Summer

It is never a good idea to wait until the summer months are here before assessing the efficiency of an existing air conditioning system, especially in a commercial environment. If the system is old or has not been well maintained throughout the cooler months, high temperatures will put it under pressure. At the very least it will be unable to counteract the effects of the heat, causing the office or showroom to be stifling and uncomfortable. At the worst it will break down completely.

Most modern commercial buildings have been purpose built to be air conditioned. Usually this means that windows either cannot be opened at all, or just a little. It is certainly not enough to allow sufficient flow-through natural ventilation to keep employees and customers comfortable. When air conditioning systems break down in these buildings and cannot be repaired quickly, often the only course of action is to shut down the business and send the staff home. Obviously, this is not an outcome any business owner wants.

OHS Laws Clear About Providing a Safe Working Environment

To be profitable, a business must be operating efficiently in every area, and this includes the productivity resulting from working in a pleasant, even temperature. Work Health and Safety laws require a person conducting a business or undertaking to provide and maintain a work environment without risks to health and safety. The effects of heat stress are well documented so air conditioning of sufficient capacity to maintain a comfortable working environment is the best way to comply.

Commercial installation of air conditioners must also comply with the Australian Standards and Building Code. This is a specialised area of knowledge and requires people who understand the difference between installing air conditioning systems in domestic premises and commercial buildings. The requirements for a commercial installation will be quite different and if the correct solution is not chosen, the result will be inefficient performance and increased running costs.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Systems Ready for Action

A specialist commercial installation company will also provide on-going maintenance, usually under a service agreement. Regular attention to the system will keep it operating at maximum efficiency for minimum cost and will extend its life expectancy well beyond the average. A sound maintenance plan, if fully implemented, will prevent expensive breakdowns and have the system in top condition in time for the hot weather.

An efficient, fully functioning air conditioning system is essential for any commercial enterprise. Clients and customers will find a visit to the business a pleasure and an opportunity to relax and cool down. The staff can go about their work without feeling tired and listless, and better able to serve the customers. Business is easier to conduct when everyone has their minds on their duties and not the weather.