Modern Climate Control Systems Keep Homes Comfortable

If you are a building owner living in Queensland, you can never know too much about air conditioning. From being a luxury item 20 or more years ago to the present day where a split system is within reach of most home owners, air conditioning helps us survive those hot, humid summer days that seem endless.

Benefits of Ducted Air Overcoming the Extra Cost

Now ducted air conditioning, the premium climate control product once only available to the wealthy, is also affordable for many Queenslanders. Ducted air conditioning has a number of benefits that make it a desirable feature in homes and businesses and we are receiving increasing numbers of queries about its features and pricing.

This system has a central unit that delivers its cooling properties via a series of ducts hidden behind the interior walls. It suits the minimalist style of modern architecture and décor, as all that is visible from inside the home are the subtle and well-styled ceiling or floor vents. It also delivers the cool air at the same temperature right throughout the home, so there are no more hot spots.

Control Temperatures in Different Parts of the Home

Many of our customers are interested in the models that offer the ability to section the building into zones. This gives the occupants control over the temperatures in different parts of the house. Let’s say, for example, that the living areas are zone 1 and the bedrooms are zone 2. Closing off the bedrooms during the day and only cooling the living areas saves money. A simple turn of a control reverses the process and cools the bedrooms for those hot, uncomfortable nights.

Ducted air conditioning is more expensive to supply and install that non-ducted, but it is a very efficient system that ensures even temperatures throughout every room. It is also available in reverse cycle models so that in winter, warm air is delivered evenly with the same capability to close off zones when they are not occupied.

Existing Dwellings can be Fitted

It fits easily into new homes during construction. The good news for owners of existing dwellings is that, provided there is enough room in the ceiling, it is possible to fit ducted air without a lot of disruption to the household.

Here at MJG Air we have a team of skilled installation technicians who can assess your home and advise the right sized system that will deliver the most efficient temperature control for your needs. We also offer a maintenance service that will extend the life of your system and keep it running at maximum efficiency, which saves on power costs.

We are happy to provide an obligation free quote and we think you will be surprised at the outcome.