COMMERCIAL Air Conditioning Unit

Keeping Your Crew Happy

There are many things you can do yourself do to ensure your best air conditioning commercial works to its optimum ability, reduce energy consumption and bills, and safeguard your staff against illness.

The most important is to keep your filters clean and clear of dirt and dust. Just like when your vacuum cleaner works better when its filters are clear so does your air conditioner.

A clogged filter may also allow dirt to enter the evaporator coil which could affect its ability to absorb heat.

There are many types of filters. Some are able to be cleaned and placed back into your system and some need to be replaced. If you are unaware of which type your system uses, we are more than happy to assist you with identifying this.

Whilst this step alone will protect your evaporator coil from becoming soiled too quickly, it will eventually require cleaning as well. A good rule of thumb is annually, but for outdoor condenser coils this may be more often depending on where they are situated and how much dust or debris there is around it.

It is always a good idea to trim back any plants to a minimum of 2 feet from your condenser to allow for good air flow.

During the dryer months of winter dust can fly into it on a regular basis. Even your lawn mower can cause an issue if it blows grass cuttings, et cetera, onto the fins. Therefore, check it regularly.

Be careful when cleaning these though, as the aluminium fins can be easily bent. This will slow down or even block the airflow through the coil. A good purchase would be a “fin comb”, which will help you keep these fins in near new condition.

The last thing for you to keep clean is the condensate drains. If these are not kept clear, moisture will build up, causing staining, discolouration and mould growth.

Seasonal Care

If your system is only a cooling system you may want to consider covering your outdoor unit.

As summer approaches it is a good idea to check the seals of the unit especially if your unit is in a window, to ensure that cool air does not escape once it is operating.

When to Bring in the Specialists

MJG Air employ superior technicians to carry out the specialist work your system will require from time to time.

This will include such things as

• Refrigerant testing, including leak detection, ensuring proper legal practises are maintained;

• Measuring airflow;

• Verifying control sequences;

• Cleaning and tightening connections and terminals;

• Checking belts;

• Oiling motors; and

• Checking the thermostat.