Is Your Commercial Air Conditioner Ready for an Overhaul?

Whilst the cooler months are upon us, now could be a good time to get your commercial air conditioning sorted out and running at its optimum.

Whilst it is true that most air conditioners these days are what we call reverse cycle, which means they can cool in the summer and warm in the winter, here in South East Queensland it is the hot humid summer months that we all aspire to escape from.

To help you determine if your air conditioning system needs repair or even replacement, I offer some thoughts for you to consider.

Signs of Air Conditioner Stress

The first sign of decreased efficiency will usually come from your staff and customers. If you have received complaints over the last summer relating to how warm or humid the internal air has become, even though the air conditioner is running, may indicate that it needs some attention.

If you have expanded your office areas or employed more staff, which means more body heat, it may be that your system needs an upgrade.

If you are keeping an eye on the budget you may have noticed an increase in this year’s electricity bill. This is always a good indicator of how efficiently an air conditioning system may be running.

Your final clue to deciding if your air conditioner needs replacement is the very fact that you have had repairs done, which may or may not have fixed the problem. If a problem is persisting even after the best coaxing you can offer it, then it really is time to replace it.

We Do What We Love and Love What We Do

Like you, we appreciate that professionalism is the key to running a successful business.

To this end I offer reliable commercial air conditioning sales and service. I have been working in the air conditioning business for more years than I can count, ten of which have been employed running my own business – MJG Air.

It is my desire to offer you the best possible service there is. To this end I employ the best of the best in sales, administrative, and service staff to ensure the success of my business and the ultimate service to you, my customer.

If you have any questions or queries concerning your system please do not hesitate to contact me for an obligation free consultation and quote.

Martin Gray

Director, MJG Air