Installing Air Conditioning in An Investment Property

Without a doubt the winters are lovely and mild in South East Queensland.

If you have lived in and around this area for any length of time it may be that you believe it to be cold but all you need to do is look at a visiting southerner, decked out in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of this season to see it is not that cold.

That does not mean that a healthy dose of warm air is not appreciated in the evenings.

The reverse side of the coin is, our summers are not only long but extremely humid.

For some, the ability to escape the heat for a while via an air conditioned home is not only a blessing but essential.

To Install Or Not To Install, That Is The Question!

For the owner of an investment property it can be a challenging decision to install or not to install and reverse cycle air conditioning unit.

The purchase of a rental property can be for many reasons.

Increased wealth, nest egg provision, reduction of tax, and early retirement are all brilliant reasons to invest in the real estate market. Growth is generally good long term, and if you buy in the right spot, a rental property is rarely empty.

Any extra cash that goes into the house needs to be assessed with regard to that investment.

You may feel that a good long term tenant who is doing the right thing by doing a good job looking after the home and its grounds, deserves the air conditioning unit they request.

It may be that the home you have purchased as an investment needs to be comparable with other homes available in the area to attract a good tenant.

Whatever the reason for considering the installation of air conditioning, as a property owner you can relax knowing that, as a depreciating asset, you are able to claim a tax deduction immediately and can continue to do so each year.

Even the cost of employing someone, such as our company, to not only supply and install but provide regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the unit is kept in tip top conditioned, is a business expense.

So when you get asked to install an air-conditioner you can relax knowing that it is a depreciable asset which is completely tax deductible.