Get Your Air Conditioning Needs Sorted Before the Winter Chill

As the winter chill starts creeping into homes and businesses, keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level will become challenging, especially if the only source of heating is expensive electric heaters. Regardless of whether the appliance radiates heat outward, or has a fan function to blow the hot air into the room, this is not a cost-efficient way to keep out the cold.

There is a much better solution to maintaining room temperature, both in winter and summer. Air conditioning provides a cost-effective solution to creating the comfort and safety every home or commercial business needs to even out the extremes of temperature that can occur, even in South East Queensland. MJG Air is a locally based air conditioning installation and service company with over 10 years experience at getting room quality right for its many satisfied clients.

Sales, Installation, Service and Repairs all Available

They offer several different types of service, all tailored to suit the needs of individual clients, whether they be households or commercial premises. Their air conditioning experts can visit your premises and provide a quote should you wish to buy a completely new system. The sound relationships they have established over many years with dealers have given them access to all the major brands at competitive prices.

They also offer an expert air conditioning service, to keep existing systems running at optimum efficiency. A maintenance agreement specific to the needs of each client is the most effective way of ensuring that all air conditioning equipment is functioning properly. Poorly serviced and maintained equipment may still be running, but its effectiveness will be compromised, resulting in poor air quality and increased running costs.

MJG Air also has trained technicians readily available to perform repairs to existing units. The most frequent reason for breakdowns is equipment that is not regularly serviced. This increases the load on all the components until finally, the unit shuts down. Our service technicians are on call to repair air conditioning units even if they don’t have a maintenance agreement in place.

Get the Right Unit for the Purpose

Maintaining air quality and ambient temperature, minimising running costs and preventing breakdowns are all much easier to achieve if the correct air conditioning unit has been installed. It is not enough just to calculate the area to be serviced and to supply a unit big enough to cover it. There are pros and cons for different types from split systems to ducted air, reverse cycle and commercial units; the right choice depends on many factors.

The experienced people at MJG Air will assess a client’s needs and recommend the best unit for a particular purpose. It will be effective, cost efficient and environmentally responsible. MJG Air supply air conditioning units use the latest technologies that have as little impact on the environment as possible. For full details about their products and service delivery, go to then give them a call.