Effective Air Conditioning For Homes With High Ceiling

If you have a home with a high ceiling, one of the biggest challenges you may have to face is providing proper air conditioning to the interior. A high ceiling living room adds value to the home as it makes the interior more spacious and open. But this type of interior can be a nightmare if the area is to be air-conditioned.

Not only will it be difficult to get the entire area effectively cooled, but the installation of a cooling system will also be a burden financially. However, having a high-ceiling home should not discourage you from having a cool and comfortable home environment. Here are some helpful tips to make air conditioning more effective in your high-ceiling residence.

Create a Sound Plan

Before installing a cooling system, it is important to create a sound plan first and foremost. With a high ceiling room, a regular aircon unit will not be good enough. You will need a system that works harder and that has a larger output capacity. Such systems will cost much more. You will have to be more creative and innovative in setting up a cooling system if you do not want to go way out of your budget to keep the indoor environment pleasant.

The best first step that you can take is to work with a trusted air conditioning and mechanical service company. At MJG Air, we can assist you in the technical aspects of setting up an effective cooling system for your home. Our focus at MJG Air is not to provide you with the cheapest units to cool your home. Instead, we offer you solutions that will give you the best financial benefits in the long run. We will also advise you on how to make the most of your air conditioning unit.


Your air conditioner can work better if your house is well insulated. Apply insulation on the roof and the walls. This will help prevent the sun’s heat from seeping through the walls or roof. If there are windows on the western side of the house, make use of block-out blinds to help keep the cool air in.

Ceiling Fans Can Help

Expect the cooling system to have a hard time bringing down the temperature inside the house. One way to help the air conditioning system do its job is by installing a ceiling fan. Using a ceiling fan will help move and distribute cool air to all parts of the room.