Ducted Air Conditioning in a Nutshell

At first glance it would appear that a ducted air conditioning system is more expensive than a wall or window unit. To compare the two would be like trying to compare a Ferrari with a Corolla. Both cars are reliable and will get you from A to B without any effort, but the ride is completely different.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

With a ducted air conditioner a series of understated vents are inserted into the ceiling or floor of each room in your home or office. The system allows you to set a central control temperature, thereby ensuring you will be able to cool or heat your whole home or office with no cold or warm spots. You are able to set up zones to give you flexibility and economy.

As you can select an appropriate site for the business part of the equipment, whether that be in your ceiling, under the floor or outside you will also have the benefit of no noise.

With over 10 years in the air conditioning industry, the experienced technicians at MJG Air are able to help you select the right system, show you how to create zones within your home or office and the best placement of the vents.

As previously mentioned, it would seem that a ducted air conditioning system is more expensive than its wall or window mounted counterparts. If you are interested in conditioning only three rooms in your home or office you will still need a conditioner for each room if you were to choose this method. The price of each unit and the subsequent servicing and repair of each unit would soon far exceed the initial expense of installing and servicing a ducted system.

Let the Experts Look After Your Air Conditioning Needs

In this day and age we are getting quite clever in the DIY industry. The age of the internet and Bunnings has shown us we are able to do many jobs around the house and office ourselves.

Air Conditioning is a world removed from the DIY enthusiast, however. It is important to understand room design, airflow and the size of the unit when measuring up and installing any sort of air conditioning system. This is one area where it is not a good idea to do it yourself. Yes, you may save money initially as you have purchased a cheap unit from somewhere and installed it yourself but there are other things to consider. Does the unit comply with the noise regulations in your council area? How energy-efficient is it? Are the parts readily available here in Australia? If it does break down are the professionals able to source parts and fix it?

You can see that if you are in the market for professional ducted air conditioning, MJG Air are the people to call to help you through the minefield of data, systems and regulations.

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