Does your Air Conditioner need to be Repaired?

Air conditioners are great; they keep you cool through the summer and warm in the winter. They need a little bit of work each month such as cleaning filters, et cetera. However, they are definitely well worth having, especially with our hot summers and sometimes very cold winters. Having an air conditioner installed is a plus for any home, especially as it adds value to your property. Reverse cycle air conditioners are the best choice you can make with the seasons being so unpredictable.

There are a few things you should know about maintaining your air conditioner, such as cleaning the filter on a regular basis and making sure all the dust is cleaned off the blades. Air conditioners can break down though. Therefore, there are a few things to look and listen for that will let you know if you need an air conditioning repair professional to fix the problem. They can come and check the unit to find the problem and quote you on the cost of the repairs, which will give you an idea of whether it is worth fixing or maybe replacing, depending on the problem. For the most part, they can usually be fixed and it is only in extreme cases that they need to be replaced.

The things you need to look for are strange sounds like squealing, grating, clunking or grinding. Strange odours such as mustiness, which indicates that there may be moulding that needs to be cleaned out, or a smoky, burnt smell that could indicate a problem with the wiring. Temperature changes and some rooms not getting as cool as they should, could indicate a failing compressor or a faulty thermostat. Leaks and water damage are other indications that there is a fault in your air conditioner and higher than normal power bills are also indicators that something is wrong.

If you have noticed any of these things, then it is time to call in the professionals to take a look at your air conditioner to see what is going on. It is always good to get the air conditioner checked annually; although this will not prevent it from breaking down, it will give it a better chance and maintaining it is always a good thing to do. Some of the maintenance such as cleaning the air filters is something you can do yourself and this should be done on a regular basis to prevent illness threatening yourself or your family. If you think there is a problem with your air conditioner, don’t wait until it is too late. Call an air conditioning repairer in to take a look.