Cut your Air Conditioning Costs this Summer

It won’t be long until summer hits us and with the way the weather has been this year it promises to be a hot and steamy summer. When summer hits we are all going to be trying to find ways to keep cool such as swimming, lazing under a shady tree or even sitting under a fan, of course lying on concrete is out of the question as you don’t want to get a chill. One other way to keep yourself and your home cool is to use an air conditioner. Using an air conditioner comes at a price with the cost of electricity. With electricity costs on the rise, you might ask yourself, if it is really worth the money to run the air conditioner to keep cool.

To answer this, there are a few tips that you should be aware of in order to keep down the cost of running an air conditioner. There are a few ways to do this; one such way is to make sure you set the temperature at 24 degrees. This is the perfect temperature to keep you and your home cool. At night you can either switch off your air conditioner or put the temperature up to 26 degrees. This helps to keep the house at an even temperature all night and you can wake up without feeling like you are living in a hot box.

Another way is to dress in light cotton materials and only use your air conditioner when the heat gets to 30 degrees plus outside. Using fans instead of air conditioners is another way to cool the place down although sometimes these only help to push hot air around, so you have to use your judgement on these days to decide whether to use the air conditioner or not.

Two other ways are by regularly cleaning your air filter. If your air filter is blocked, this means that the air conditioner has to work twice as hard and use more power in doing so. Lastly, think small. A window air conditioner costs less to run then a central system. All these tips and more can be found on the daily green website. Following these green tips is the smart thing to do and will save you buckets of money. Why pay more for power than you have to? By following these tips, not only will you be saving money, but you will be helping in a small way to save the environment from harm. How great is that?