Cost Effective Cooling Needs Expert Guidance

Choosing the most effective air conditioning unit for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make, as it will affect the comfort of everyone in the home and your bank balance for many years to come. There are numerous things to consider before making a purchase, and researching them is the best way to be an informed consumer.

Sustainability websites are now available that offer comparisons between different types of units and the costs the average household could expect to see through normal usage. Energy supply companies also offer information about electricity consumption and retailers will tour their showrooms with you and point out the features of all their cooling products.

Expert Assistance Needed to Make the Right Choice

If this all sounds too time consuming and confusing, you could just contact us here at MJG Air and ask for one of our air conditioning specialists to look at your situation, discuss with you the best solution and provide you with an obligation free quote. At the very least you will come away with a much better understanding of your air conditioning needs, and if our quote meets your approval, we will have your new unit installed and running in no time at all.

Too Big or Too Small? It’s Complicated

We know that air-conditioning is much more complicated than it first appears. Buying a unit that is too small for the area to be cooled forces it to run on higher speeds to work properly, potentially causing maintenance issues. If the unit is too big it will consume more electricity that is needed. Either way, your energy bills will climb and you may not get the cool, comfortable environment you were expecting.

Efficient ducted air conditioning is an option that many consumers are now taking seriously. Previously, it was considered too expensive for the average household, but we are installing more and more of the newer units, which are more efficient and less costly. They also provide the option of sealing off unused rooms so energy is not being wasted on cooling spaces that are not occupied.

Multiple Factors Must be Considered

We consider factors like the construction material of the home, its location and aspect, the window coverings, room sizes and ceiling heights. If it faces west, we suggest tinting the windows to keep out the worst of the summer heat so the unit runs more effectively. External shades or blinds over the windows are also very effective.

There are so many different types of air conditioning products now available that you really need an expert to help in the decision-making process. Going it alone could result in a poor choice that is not effective and runs up your power bill.