Commercial Sales and Installation

To run a successful business in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland with comfortable staff and customers you need quality, professional air conditioning. There is a substantive difference between domestic and commercial AC systems which can affect performance, running costs and liability. Commercial installations must comply with the latest regulations set by the Australian Standards and Building Code. We have over 10 years’ experience installing a range of commercial air conditioning systems ranging from ducted and condenser water systems to two and three pipe heat recovery systems (VRF/VRV). We offer economies of scale to assist both SME’s and large commercial tenders with our valued industry knowledge and relationships.

Service Agreement – Save money and time with our fail-safe system

MJG Air saves time fixing problems by avoiding them completely. Our commercial air conditioning service agreement commits to keeping your systems running to maximum efficiency and extends the life expectancy well past the average. Our maintenance plan delivers peak performance form your system, saving you time and money and preventing any unforeseen breakdowns. We offer a competitive bid for tenders, thorough attention to compliance and comfortably work to government protocol. For a professional commercial air conditioning quote contact us today and see how comfortable work can be.

COMMERCIAL Air Conditioning Unit

If professionalism matters to your business, get professional air conditioning Brisbane wide service from MJG Air today!