Commercial Air Conditioning Essential for Customer/Staff Comfort

The recent period of heatwave conditions in Queensland saw thousands of people flock to air conditioned shopping centres to get some relief from the dreadful conditions outside. The retail sector gained additional sales as people found things to buy while sheltering there. Those workers in air conditioned environments such as in offices, entertainment venues and commercial premises performed much better in terms of productivity than their unfortunate colleagues who had to bear the heat.

On productivity alone, any business will benefit from the installation of air conditioning systems suitable for the purpose. When increased sales are added to the mix, it is quite clear that the cost of air conditioning is easily offset by these gains. At MJG Air we have been installing commercial air conditioning systems into client premises for over 10 years, and they all have experienced similar results.

Air Conditioned Working Environment Increases Productivity and Staff Retention

Businesses also find that staff retention is significantly increased as the air conditioning systems create a much more pleasant working environment, both summer and winter. The cost of recruiting and training new staff is considerable, so losing them to competitors because of the working conditions is not the best use of management resources.

Our company ensures that our commercial installations comply with the relevant Australian Standards and Building Code. It is futile to install a domestic installation in a commercial environment to save money. As a reliable commercial air conditioning company, we would not recommend that as an option to our commercial clients.

We are experienced at installing a range of commercial systems including ducted and condenser water systems, and two and three pipe heat recovery systems. Through our industry knowledge and the relationships we have built over the past 10 years, we are able to offer economies of scale to assist SMEs and large commercial tenders.

Comprehensive Service Agreement Keeps System at Optimum Efficiency

The best way to fix a problem is to avoid it completely and this is what our commercial air conditioning service agreement is designed to do. Breakdowns in a commercial environment are not only disruptive to staff and customers, but they cause loss of income when customers choose to shop elsewhere because of decreased comfort levels. When you enter into a service agreement with us, we will keep your system running efficiently, which will also extend its service life expectancy well beyond the average.

You get peak performance from your system with our maintenance plan, preventing lost productivity that saves both time and money. We are happy to provide a comprehensive quote on a commercial air conditioning solution for your business. You won’t believe how beneficial it will be to your business until you try it.