Beat the Chills this Winter

When it comes to reliable air conditioning, MJG Air offer great deals on air conditioning to keep your home or office cool in the summer. Why wait until then when you can have a great system installed that will keep you warm through the winter as well?

It seems a bit corny as the majority of time it is the heat we want to escape in Queensland but it does get chilly in the north, despite the ribbing we take from our southern cousins. Once the rain sets in or a wind blows up we can get a cold day on a par with the chilly nether regions of Victoria, especially in our regional areas or where the countryside is dotted with mountains. This does not mean that we don’t feel the cold in the city either. It’s all a matter of what you are acclimatised to.

If you are looking for 24/7 year round comfort, an air-conditioner is exactly what you need.

Air Conditioning for Home or Office

MJG Air can supply and fit many different brands in varying designs and sizes of air conditioning to keep your home or office a comfortable 23 degrees all year round. If you are looking to keep your living area or bedroom in your home cool through the summer and warm in the winter then a single unit may be all you need to get you relaxing and putting your feet up and enjoying watching the elements outside from your cosy couch or bed.

Perhaps you are considering air conditioning your whole home or you have a business that has many rooms. If this is the case, MJG Air supply a range of ducted systems that offer the convenience of warm or cool ducted air, which has none of the noise associated with air conditioning, as the motor operating the system can be situated elsewhere on the premises away from you and out of sight. This is easily achieved, even in a tight space, by placing it in or on the roof.

With their obligation free quoting system it is easy to compare what is on offer without feeling the pressure to sign on the dotted line just because you asked for guidance. The friendly, knowledgeable team at MJG Air are there to help you select the best possible system for you at a price that suits your budget.

Give MJG Air a call now or contact them at to arrange an on-site visit now.