Beat Scorching Summers with Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

Summer is here with a vengeance and even though most homes in south east Queensland have been designed to cope to some degree with summer heat and humidity, there is no substitute for air conditioning. Insulation in the roof, roof ventilators drawing the hot air out of the ceiling and large, open windows ready to catch every breeze are the standard response to our scorching summers. However, despite these efforts, there are many days where only a good air conditioning system will bring relief.

MJG Air has over 10 years’ experience in the sales, design and installation of all types of air conditioning systems. We are noticing an increasing interest in refreshing ducted air conditioning Brisbane as an answer to both summer and winter temperature extremes. More and more customers are asking for us to quote on ducted systems, both in domestic and commercial applications and we are installing more of these every year.

Ducted Air Conditioning Provides Year Round Climate Control

There are a number of very good reasons for this. A fully integrated ducted heating and cooling system provides climate control all year round with reduced energy costs. By setting up a zoned system, the customer is able to cool only those areas of the building that are being used. This saves energy and money being wasted on conditioning parts of the building that are not being occupied. The zones can be switched on and off as required.

By providing cooled, filtered and dehumidified air, the ducted system also controls humidity, giving welcome relief from that sticky, sweaty feeling that leaves everyone feeling lethargic. The ducted systems come in various sizes and our expert technical staff will measure up the area and suggest the most effective system. Getting the size right is important to ensure that it functions efficiently and the customer is not paying excessive running costs for a system that is the wrong size.

Cost Effective Dual Purpose – Heating and Cooling

The ducted systems are very cost effective because the same ducting is used for both cooling and heating. By simply adjusting the control for winter temperatures, the home or commercial premises receives warm air throughout. The zoning system is just as efficient in winter as in summer, by heating only those areas of the building that are needed.

We are able to install ducted air conditioning systems in both new and existing buildings as long as there is enough ceiling or under-floor space for the duct work and fittings. MJG Air technicians are fully qualified and trained to perform these installations, and our servicing program ensures that we arrive promptly at regularly scheduled intervals to keep installations operating efficiently. You need never make a breakdown call again.