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Does your Air Conditioner need to be Repaired?

Air conditioners are great; they keep you cool through the summer and warm in the winter. They need a little bit of work each month such as cleaning filters, et cetera. However, they are definitely well worth having, especially with our hot summers and sometimes very cold winters. Having an air conditioner installed is a […]

Ducted Air Conditioning in a Nutshell

At first glance it would appear that a ducted air conditioning system is more expensive than a wall or window unit. To compare the two would be like trying to compare a Ferrari with a Corolla. Both cars are reliable and will get you from A to B without any effort, but the ride is […]

Commercial Air Conditioners in Shops, Malls and Offices

Commercial air conditioners provide the ideal temperature for commercial premises, including shops, offices, malls, factories and more. These units are designed for buildings that take up a significant amount of space and houses hundreds of people in one location. Air conditioning ensures the comfort of an indoor environment, whether you are in a mall or […]

Why Choose Commercial Air Conditioners for Your Business?

There are instances when conventional household machines are just not good enough to meet demands of businesses. When it comes to air conditioning, commercial air conditioners are best to use for business offices, commercial establishments and other industrial facilities. They are built for optimum performance, reliability and lower running costs. There are many benefits that […]

Air Conditioning Units Need Regular Servicing

In-between seasons is a good time to think about having regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. How many of us wait until it’s the height of summer or we are shivering in our woolly boots before we entertain the possibility that we should have had the AC checked? Imagine the wailing and crying […]

Any Day is a Good Day to Arrange Air Conditioning

With the extraordinary fluctuations there have been in our climate over the past year or so, anticipating the variations in temperature has become more like a lottery than a scientific result. Summer traditionally brings day after day of steamy, uncomfortable heat where the atmosphere indoors becomes so unbearable that the only solution is air conditioning. […]