Any Day is a Good Day to Arrange Air Conditioning

With the extraordinary fluctuations there have been in our climate over the past year or so, anticipating the variations in temperature has become more like a lottery than a scientific result. Summer traditionally brings day after day of steamy, uncomfortable heat where the atmosphere indoors becomes so unbearable that the only solution is air conditioning. However, after a very hot start, summer has again turned into a wimp with cooler days already edging out the heat.

Avoid Peak Demand Delays

Does this mean for those in the market for an air conditioning unit that it should be ‘hands-off’ and wait until later? Actually, this is a very short-sighted approach to creating the type of comfortable environment that makes home the place to be. Should the current cool temperatures revert to a normal summer, the demand for air conditioning installations will absolutely soar, causing a shortage of units and also of the skilled people to install them.

The same scenario applies equally in winter. Waiting for the first Antarctic blast to rattle the windows and freeze the water in the garden hose is not the best time to get a speedy installation of a reverse-cycle air conditioning unit. Everyone else will want one at the same time and – you guessed it – too few units and not enough people who know what they are doing to install them!

This lull in the summer heat is the perfect opportunity to call MJG AIR Pty Ltd for a free consultation, measure and quote. To get the best value and performance out of any air conditioning system, it must be selected to suit the size of the area to be climate controlled. Budget constraints also have to be considered, and the consultants from MJG AIR understand this, quoting on the system that will do what is required at the best possible price through their relationship with major brands.

It Takes Time to Assess Client Needs

There are a number of different types of systems. Depending on the location, anticipated usage, size of the area and the budget, the recommended system could be a reverse-cycle, ducted or split system for the home, or a large commercial unit for a business or factory. This is not a decision to be made quickly, and it takes time for the consultant to speak with the client and assess their eeds, check out the space in question, prepare the quote and advise the client.

With all this work that must be done up front, it makes sense to get a quote now. The decision may still be to hold off for a while, but in any event, the preliminary work will have been done, and the decision made as to the type of unit required. When the client does press the starter, it will just be a matter of reviewing the price, securing the unit and booking in the work.

MJG AIR Pty Ltd is standing by right now with trained personnel ready to advise and quote on your air conditioning unit. Get a reverse-cycle system and every seasonal variation you could imagine is covered. Their website at has full information and contact details.