Air Conditioning vs. Electric Heaters

As the cool winter air is starting to blast upon us we all start to think of ways to heat our homes. If you are not yet one of the lucky ones to have heating installed or you are replacing your current heating system, you may well be wondering about your options.

You could go and buy yourself one of those little cheap fan heaters but if you really want to get serious about keeping warm you are going to need something with a little more power. The two choices you have in this case is an electric heater or air conditioning from a reputable team like us at MJG Air.

Don’t be fooled

You could be forgiven for thinking that the electric heater will be the cheapest and easiest option. With no installation required but a simple plug in and turn on, it seems easiest. And of course an air conditioning unit will look to be more expensive initially, but in the end you are far better off with an economical air conditioner than an electric heater.

Why air conditioning is better

If you are looking for efficient heating then you should know that air conditioners are at least three times more efficient than electric heaters. With an electric heater you will use approximately 2kW of power to create 2kW of heat whereas a reverse cycle air conditioner will only need 0.6kW to create 2kW of heat.

What this means to you is that even though the initial cost of air conditioning may seem like more, the running costs year in year out will soon prove that the electric heater is not the wise choice for your wallet.

Based on energy costs of winter in Brisbane last year you can expect, roughly, that to run an electric heater it will cost $280. This is if the heating is run for eight weeks at ten hours a day. Reverse cycle air conditioning run for the same amount of time would only cost $84.

Naturally, not everyone will run their heaters for this length of time but you can see there is a huge difference between the costs of the two options to heat your home. Aside from the cost benefit there are other benefits too.

During summer your air conditioner will still be incredibly popular, whereas an electric heater will take up space needing to be stored away. Electric heaters are also known for being dangerous with the ability to cause fires from overloaded circuits or just generally be unsafe due to the close vicinity of children and pets.

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