Air Conditioning Units Need Regular Servicing

In-between seasons is a good time to think about having regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. How many of us wait until it’s the height of summer or we are shivering in our woolly boots before we entertain the possibility that we should have had the AC checked? Imagine the wailing and crying if we turned it on waiting for a climate change to suit the weather and nothing happened!

Whether your air conditioning system is for a residence or a commercial or industrial property, in every case the efficiency of the system is significantly increased when the unit is regularly serviced. An AC unit is no different from a car in terms of its need for some regular attention, and just like a car, it will pay back the cost of the services with less drain on the electricity supply and, therefore, smaller energy bills. Without it, the unit will not run efficiently, it will lack heating and cooling capacity and the lack of attention may shorten its lifespan.

DIY Not the Most Efficient Option

The clever do-it-yourself people will no doubt try to do the service themselves and they may be successful enough in terms of the obvious things such as cleaning the filters. However, having the unit serviced professionally is always going to give better long-term value. There are a number of air conditioning companies that do AC services and most of them have a regular maintenance program that they offer to their clients. This is an excellent way to ‘set and forget’ the services as the company programs the maintenance into their schedule, depending on client needs. They generally offer monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual appointments, depending on the client budget, and will just simply turn up at the appointed time and date.

Regular Maintenance Plan Increases Efficiency

For commercial premises, most servicing companies offer a commercial air conditioning service agreement, putting the unit on a regular maintenance plan that increases efficiency, reduces costs and extends the life expectancy of the unit. Unforeseen breakdowns are avoided, with the resultant costly inconvenience to staff and customers kept to an absolute minimum. The air quality that is circulated by a regularly serviced unit is of a higher quality than one that has not been attended to for years. This is an added bonus for customers and staff and it adds to the ambiance of the commercial premises, making it comfortable to be there.

Neglecting these regular services in the belief that money will be saved is false economy. When the unit decides to play up, it invariably happens at the busiest trading times when every person who walks into the premises is a potential customer and source of income. Having a poorly running AC unit will disrupt trade and cause loss of income as the customers will not stay in premises where the air quality is poor and the atmosphere stuffy. Don’t jeopardise future sales by trying to save a few dollars at this end. Click here for more information.